In late January of 1920 an American distiller by the name of James "Bourbon" Jackson found himself out of business due to prohibition. A once proud owner of a modest distillery out of Bardstown, Kentucky, Jackson prowled the speakeasies across America in hopes of finding possible buyers. One evening in the back room of a New York city corner store he found one in a portly Irish immigrant by the name of Liam "Tunn" Malloye. After settling their deal to supply whiskey to the joint the two continued their conversation. "So Mr. Malloye, you wouldn't happen to know where I could find a fella who is crazy enough and has the driving knowhow to run my whiskey for me, would yeah?" Now what Bourbon Jackson didn't know was that Tunn Malloye transported firearms for the Irish Volunteers, who later became known as the infamous Irish Republican Army and it turns out also at that time his Volunteer buddies christened him “Tunn” due to his robust size." I believe I'm that crazy s.o.b. you're lookin' for, Mr. Jackson!", exclaimed Malloye. Once Malloye convinced Jackson that he was the man for the job, partly because of his sketchy past, he placed his wife in charge of the speakeasy and the two went on to their first run together. After many years and many successful runs had passed the outlaw duo were simply known by the name Bourbon and Tunn. The rest as they say is history.

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